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Car Tax Calculator


Company car tax calculator

Company car tax is now based on the CO2 emissions level of your car, and whether the engine is petrol, diesel or Euro compliant diesel.

Our useful calculator below gives you the basic tax bill your car and fuel use will create. In order to use it, you will need to know:

  • The market value of your car (the market value of the car plus accessories when new)
  • If your car is petrol, diesel or Euro compliant diesel
  • Your engine size
  • The CO2 emissions level g/km (given in your car user's hand book) – if you don't know, go to
  • Whether or not you receive car fuel benefit – ie. when your company pays for your private fuel

Car Tax Calculator

(for cars registered after January 1998)

A new system of company car tax came into force in April 2002, based on the emissions level for your car. All cars registered on or after 1st January 1998 are required to publish an emissions level. Use the calculator below to establish your approximate tax liability.

Do you receive Car Fuel Benefit?

What is the size of your engine?
Up to 1400cc
1401 to 2000cc
Over 2000cc

What type of fuel?
Euro 4 compliant diesel

CO2 Emission figure (g/km)

Value when new

Car tax benefit
Car Fuel Benefit scale charge
Quarterly VAT fuel scale charge
Actual Car Fuel Benefit Quarterly VAT payable

To calculate your actual tax liability you will need to apply your actual rate of tax, i.e. 22%, 40% to the above benefit figures.

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